About Us

Postees is a family run business based in Liverpool. We started out making souvenir t-shirts for our shop in the Albert Dock, with designs mainly being based on the city of Liverpool. Once we realised how many people outside the city also wanted our t-shirts, we decided to branch out into online sales. Since we're all films buffs, we wanted to try adding some designs based on some of our favourite, iconic movies. Turns out we weren't the only ones who loved them. They were so popular, we just kept adding more and more, and started to make some based on great TV shows as well. At this point, most of our designs are  Movie & TV Inspired, and we're starting to add gaming inspired tees as well.

We're hoping to keep branching out, adding more and more Movie & TV Inspired T-Shirts so there's something for anyone. To help with this, we've added a direct to garment printer to the screen printing set up we already have, so now we can produce an even wider range of Movie & TV Inspired designs, with differing levels of complexity. Alongside our own range of Movie & TV Inspired T-Shirts we sell a range selection of official stock from licensed manufacturers. In particular the caps have proven popular, so we embroidered some caps with our own designs too.

This year has been challenging for a lot of people, in a lot of different ways, so whether you're a new buyer, returning buyer, or just browsing; whether you follow us on our social media channels, have been recommended by word of mouth, or this is your first time hearing about us, we'd like to take this chance to say thanks for all of your support; past, present, and future!

Take care.

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, email us with suggestions at sales@postees.co.uk.